Towards a climate neutral EU: Efficient allocation of EU funds

published 09.09.2021


12/12/2021 - Assessment of Operational Program for Technologies and Applications for Competitiveness (OPTAK) - pdf

11/25/2021 - EEB Update meeting on the EU situation on NRRP - EEB´s presentation

11/24/2021 - EUKI Networking Conference 2021 for Climate Action - Šimon Batík´s presentation

10/15/2021 - Assessment of final Recovery and Resilience Plan - pdf

9/9/2021 - Start of the project - opening presentation


Photo: Visual Stories Micheile on Unsplash

About the project

This project contributes to making finance flows consistent with a pathway towards low GHG and climate-resilient development, as stated in the Paris Agreement. EU funding will provide more targeted and effective support for climate and environment action, while incentives and funding for programmes and projects which are incompatible with the European Green Deal will be reduced.

This will help to catalyse the fast decarbonisation of the EU economy and boost climate mitigation in all sectors. The best practices identified during the project will be very useful to all EU countries. The level and quality of spending from European structural and investment funds and the Recovery and Resilience Facility will be improved in the involved countries, with likely impacts in further countries thanks to international networking and capacity building beyond the project team.

Further information

More information about the project you can find on the official webpage.

The current project is a continuation of former project Towards a climate-neutral EU: funding and incentives for a transformative European Green Deal and Recovery Plan with more information here

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