Who we are?

Centre for Transport and Energy is a non-profit non-governmental organisation founded in 1998 which focuses on the environmental impacts of transportation and energy production, especially those on the Earth's climate. We see our goal in building and reinforcing a wide platform of groups and individuals who are interested in working towards sustainable transport and energy future.

Our team

Barbora Urbanová
Director of Centre for Transport and Energy

At CDE, Barbora focuses on European climate and energy policy. She is a board member of Climate Action Network Europe, and over the past ten years she has also worked for the CEE Bankwatch Network, Glopolis and the Climate Coalition. During her professional career, she worked on projects focusing on the EU ETS system, energy transformation, EU funds and climate change communication.

Kateřina Davidová
climate policy expert

Kateřina has been working in climate and energy since 2016, as an expert she regularly contributes to Czech media. She also collaborates with the EUROPEUM Institute for European policy and is a member of the boards of the Climate Coalition and the Transport & Environment network. She previously worked at the Embassy of the United Kingdom in Prague, the Ministry of the Environment of the Czech Republic and the Forum 2000 Foundation.

Václava Marková
communications and media coordinator

Václava is responsible for cooperation with the media and journalists. During her studies at Charles University, she focused on gender media studies and media representation of public opinion research. She worked as an editor of the regional press.

Zuzana Vondrová
just transition expert

Zuzana has been focusing on the social aspect of the energy transition since 2018. She also advocates for responsible and efficient use of public climate finance. She is a board member of the Green Circle association. She previously worked as an expert consultant in the field of the environment at MITIS, s.r.o.

Veronika Murzynová
energy transformation expert

Veronika specializes in the issues of reducing methane emissions, phasing out the use of fossil gas, and decarbonizing district heating. Her educational background is in the field of applied physics. She has experience with research work in the European Parliament focused on the Green Deal and legislation in energy and climate.

Eva Mariničová
EU funds expert

Eva focuses on the use of EU funds and the impact this has on the climate. She mainly specialises in the Czech National Recovery Plan and the Modernisation Fund. Previously, she has also worked on environmental issues in the European Parliament and the European Commission.

digital communication manager

Nicole focuses on digital communication and social media. She also coordinates the SPARK project, focusing on climate justice and social and gender inequalities. Nicole has been working in PR and marketing for ten years and has experience with commercial, cultural, and non-profit spheres. She is still actively involved in Prague’s cultural life. You can catch her radio shows on Radio 1 or Radio Punctum.

Jana Maussen
project manager

Jana is involved in monitoring EU funds, including whether and how the partnership principle is applied in their use. As part of the CEE Bankwatch Network, she is working towards decarbonisation and increased transparency of credit agencies, and is also coordinating a project that explores people's perceptions of clean energy at the municipal level through a social experiment. She is a Harvard graduate and an experienced economist.

Štěpán Vizi
climate policy expert

Štěpán works on climate and energy policy issues at the European and national levels. He regularly comments on topics related to green transformation and climate policy in the media. Previously, he worked for People in Need and is the co-author and creator of the Czech-German climate podcast Karbon.

Lucie Mullerová
financial manager

Lucie is responsible for the financial management of CDE, including preparing the budgets, financial reports and supervising the budget implementation. She has worked in non-profit organisations' financial management for many years.

Martina Pokorná
financial coordinator

Martina is in charge of coordinating the budget of the project consortium of partners, preparing financial reports and monitoring the budgets. She has work experience in fundraising, accounting and financial management of campaigns and monitoring of budgets.

Dobroslava Sehnalová

Dobroslava examines the activities of export credit agencies. She has extensive experience in finance and banking. After finishing her banking career, she has been volunteering in various fields.

Barbora Valešová
coordinator of Climate Coalition

Barbora is in charge of coordinating the network of environmental organizations called Climate Coalition. She focuses on connecting actors in the climate movement. She previously concentrated on environmental education and has experience lecturing educational and experiential programs. She also founded the Summer School of Environmental Thinking.

Jitka Martínková
communications coordinator of Climate Coalition

Jitka is in charge of communications for the Climate Coalition. She has experience in online marketing, website management and many other projects, including the One World Festival and the Beyond Psychedelics conference.

Our main activities

  • Influencing transport, energy and climate policies and legislation
  • Education and awareness-raising about climate change and its impacts
  • Organising information exchange among NGOs and international co-operation and networking
  • Promoting energy efficiency and renewable sources of energy
  • Increasing transparency of export credit agencies
  • Preparation of expert studies

Centre for Transport and Energy is a member of networks of Czech environmental NGOs Green Circle and one of the founding members of the platform of Czech environmental and development NGOs Climate Coalition. Our activity is not confined to the borders of the Czech Republic, we also participate actively in international networks: CEE Bankwatch Network (a network of environmental NGOs monitoring the activities of international financial institutions in the CEE region), Climate Action Network Europe and European Federation for Transport and Environment.

Managing board

Romana Kaclíková, předsedkyně správní rady

Lucie Černá, členka správní rady

Jiří Jeřábek, člen správní rady

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