Just transition

We support the efforts to socially and economically just coal phase-out. The extraction and burning of coal burdens the environment, climate, pollutes the air and negatively affect public health. Just transition to other energy sources will bring benefits to us and future generations. That is why we are taking part in the international platform Just Transition and support sustainable strategic plans of restructuring the Czech coal regions, RE:START.


European climate and energy legislation

We are arguing why EU climate and energy legislation should be more effective and contribute more quickly to the transition to a low-carbon economy. We focus on the emissions trading system, the Effort Sharing Regulation and selected proposals for the "Clean Energy for All Europeans" Winter Package.


Export credit agencies

We advocate more transparent and accountable activities of Export Credit Agencies. These are state institutions insuring the export and investment of domestic companies abroad. As these institutions manage public finances, they should also be subject to public scrutiny. Our aim is therefore to ensure that their operations are transparent and they respect national policies and international conventions such as the Paris Agreement. In our work, we focus mainly on the Czech agencies CEB and EGAP and then on the common requirements for export agencies from the European Commission or the OECD.


Promotion of clean energy

We promote clean energy, such as renewables, energy efficiency, energy self-sufficiency or community ownership of resources. A fundamental condition for its functioning is the correct setting of legislation. That is why we are participating in the "Domestic Electricity" campaign for enabling everyone to produce their own energy. The possibility of doing this is proved by our stories of prosumer who successfully operate renewable energy sources in the Czech Republic. We also regularly contribute to the Smart Energy newsletter, where we promote emission-free energy and keep stakeholders informed about developments in the field of climate and energy policies.


Setting up the EU budget

We are pushing for a substantial part of the funding for the next European budget to go to renewables, energy efficiency and other transformational investments, so that the EU can achieve the zero carbon emissions by 2050. We believe that using the catalytic effect of EU budget funding is possible and needed to overcome the national obstacles of this transformation in a way that, contributes to the development of local communities. Tackling social inequality and improving the overall quality of life of the population is essential to us. We emphasize the need to increase transparency and resource management in order to eliminate harmful and unsustainable projects. We are also a part of the international People’s Budget campaign.

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