World Climate March 2021 week begins

published 21.09.2021


To coincide with the COP26 UN Climate Summit happening in Glasgow this year, The World Climate March is running a virtual action to pressure leaders to act now on the climate crisis and inequality. This decade is critical to prevent a catastrophic global temperature rise and support countries hit hardest by climate change. We have a huge opportunity to do what it takes – right now.
Find more information about how to get involved on World Climate March website.

Fighting climate change and inequality is for everyone

Climate change has no borders and affects us all. It especially hurts those in poorer countries, which are also the countries that contribute the least to it. The richest 1% produce twice as much carbon emissions as the poorest half of the world’s population.

Extreme weather, drought and rising seas are now forcing people out of their livelihoods and their homes, and recovering from these disasters is more and more difficult. Women and girls are hit hardest because social, political and cultural systems silence their voices, and prevent them accessing the resources they need.

The next decade is critical to putting us onto a safer track

Today’s targets are a long way off what is needed to keep globalheating below 1.5°C and prevent the worst impacts of climate change. At COP26 leaders must commit to delivering the 1.5°C goal and their fair share of action. Governments across the world are now making important decisions about how to reduce emissions. We need to see real plans for fast, deep cuts in emissions and rapid increases in renewable energy, fairly resourced.

Countries that historically contributed the most to the climate crisis must deliver on their promises and increase financial support to affected communities to adapt to climate change, and to address the losses and damages they are already experiencing. Money must go to ensure women and girls enjoy their equal rights.

By joining the World Climate March you can join other communities and changemakers around the world, and show leaders you want action on the climate crisis and inequality.

Every one of us can help and spark a change for people and our planet.

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