Media briefing: Just Transition of Energy Sector

published 07.10.2020

Our company has experienced economic transformations in the last 100 years or so. The most historically important - the Great Industrial Revolution of the 19th Century - was largely similar to the period we are going through now. At its core stood energy (coal) and technology (engineering). But the Industrial Revolution had a few winners and many losers, and caused the emergence of workers' movements and Marxism, and later Communism.

After two centuries, a transformation is coming in which the world and its leaders the European Union wants to exchange coal for renewable resources that do not destroy the climate. And the main idea of ​​a just transformation is clear: to create as many winners and a minimum of losers as possible this time.
  • Historical examples of transformations
  • Presentation of the Fair Transformation Fund in the context of the Czech Republic
  • Examples of the use of funds from the Fair Transformation Fund from Spain
  • Case study Participatory creation of a plan for the recovery of the coal region in Slovakia
  • Brief presentation of the publication E3G: How to (not) get rid of coal - experience from Germany
  • Questions and discussions
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