DEAR: Climate Action by European Citizens

published 01.08.2020
Climate Action by EU Citizens Delivers for Development is a project funded by the European Comission running from 2020 to 2024. The project raises awareness, builds capacity, and supports EU citizens, particularly young people, in building public support for ambitious climate change and development policies which have gender equality at their core. A diverse consortium of 20 organisations under the umbrella of Oxfam and the Climate Action Network Europe (CAN Europe) are part of this initiative. Our activities will take place in 13 EU Member States. Partners bring together experience of climate change campaigning and communication in Europe, gender equality, European youth mobilisation, and climate change development programmes in the Global South.

Photo: Markus Spisk,

  • Awareness Raising: We want the EU citizens to be aware of the connections between climate change and development. To increase EU citizen’s awareness and understanding of the interconnectedness of climate change, gender equality and development issues.
  • Training: Young EU citizens and CSOs have the capacity to take action on climate change and development. To use communication activities as one tool with which to empower EU citizens to become change makers in their local communities and influence decision makers.
  • Mobilization: EU citizens take action in national and pan-European efforts to tackle climate change and development. To make EU citizens understand and subscribe to the importance of a Pan European approach, the reason why this programme is implemented with EU funding: the Pan European community can (and must) be a climate leader on the global stage
The project aims to transform the gender-unbalanced and gender-discriminatory practices. Therefore the visual identity and communication and visibility activities must not reinforce existing gender-based inequalities and discrimination. This includes ensuring that gender equality is explicitly profiled in messaging and images and that they tell a strong story which includes women and girls.
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